Multi-layered consulting services that help businesses strengthen their marketplace presence, build sustainable employee relations programs, and establish substantive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies that speak to the interests of consumers and institutional investors.


“I am delighted by the results of her [Keesa’s] tips, particularly how internal engagement creates great customer engagement! Highly recommend Keesa as a brand consultant.” Susan Silver, Copywriter at Honeywell


“I recommend Keesa to consult on building brands and internal teams that focus on establishing genuine relationships with customers to drive growth and retention.” Christopher Liu, CFA, Content Domain Lead for Public Ownership, Investment Management Profiles & Investor Activism



In-person and virtual keynotes, panels, and lectures with actionable steps and resources that companies can apply to transform their employee engagement, enhance productivity, and implement compassionate business strategies.


“Keesa prepares and learns about her audience with exceptional detail, and she puts her mission to create more compassionate workplaces at the heart of every speaking appearance.” Jaimey Walking Bear, Event Producer and Project Director


“Keesa’s insights into building and positioning a business were priceless for our budding entrepreneurs and techies. She shares tactics and tools to create a business. But most importantly, she shares the importance of a spirit of contribution which we should infuse in every aspect of work.” Rebecca Trinklein, Senior Consultant at Appian Corporation


Informative articles and valuable interviews that have been featured in numerous national publications.


“Keesa’s book celebrates businesses that successfully evolve with social changes, while cautioning those that maintain outdated cultures.” Rashma Suajani, Founder and CEO, Girlls Who Code; Author, Brave, Not Perfect


“Few books offer a more practical guide to the topic of diversity and inclusion.” Daniel H. Pink, Author, When, Drive and To Sell is Human


“Keesa is a visionary who’s changing the way we see customer relationships.” Minda Harts, CEO, The Memo; Author of The Memo: What Women of Color Need to Know to Secure a Seat at the Table