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The Key to Building Customer Relationships: Conversations

The Key to Building Customer Relationships: Conversations

This month, I participated in the 2016 Search Engine Journal Summit at the Times Center in NYC...

This month, I participated in the 2016 Search Engine Journal Summit at the Times Center in NYC. Speakers presented on search and digital marketing topics ranging from domain migration, to tips for more discoverable content, to combining SEO and branding.  Our mission was to share new insights and have fun in the process.

The number of new insights (new to me anyway) was impressive. This was my first SEJ Summit, and I knew very little about a few of the audience favorites like AMP and Google Panda before last week. 

I left with increased knowledge around those as well as other analytics and SEO topics and tactics. And even though I found several actionable takeaways from the presentations, it was the conversations with attendees and fellow panelists that served me most. 

We were a community sharing similar concerns and excitement about our industry. Presenters delivered with skill and expertise. Audience members offered up their own best practices, recognizing that we're all on the same learning journey. We participated in discussions about creating better digital journeys during the summit, and followed up on social media after the summit to continue those discussions. We built relationships with each other.

This example of relationship building is just another proof point about the value of creating a customer journey that doesn't just sell to the customer, but rather seeks to have a conversation with the customer.

Sharing insights, information and spending time - not to sell products, but to build relationships- are all key to serving our customers. 

Getting to know a customer, a conference attendee, or pretty much anyone for that matter, starts with this one thing - a conversation. Dialogue for the purpose of understanding each other provides the best foundation for an enjoyable customer journey.

For more information about SEJ Summit, click here for a summary of the presentations. 


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